Branding rarely gets enough credit. Having a nice logo or picking your favorite color to paint the walls in your new store is only a small part of branding.

Understanding and demonstrating to the public who you are, why you’re doing it, and how you’ll consistently make it happen is the key to a brand, and making yours successful. I know, it sounds a bit philosophical, but ironing out a well thought out plan will create a direction for your company. From there, the marketing tactics you choose and the customers you receive, as a result, just fall into place. And that means, more awareness for your brand and more $$ in the door.

building a branding strategy is key to successful marketing for small businesses

What the heck am I talking about? Check out my 6 Must Read Rules for Branding and see for yourself.

Before you click away because all of this sounds overwhelming, hear me out for a minute. There are many ways you can put together a branding plan and it doesn’t have to be only you that comes up with the answers.┬áThis is where market research can come in and help provide you with details about what your customers really want.

If everyone is looking for bottled water and all you carry is soda, will they ever buy from you? Realize that if you are pushing something on the public that they aren’t interested in, you just won’t sell it.

Need some branding help? Downtown Marketing Group offers assistance with brainstorming, customer service training, and so much more to help guide you in the right direction for developing your brand plan. Just ask!

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