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Stop fearing Marketing for your small business and start doing something!

Hi! I’m Olivia Manning. Growing up in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, I have seen so many mom and pop shops come and go. Each one featured a hard working entrepreneur leading the fight to achieve the American dream. Yeah, that’s epic sounding, but, it’s true. Especially if you own a small business right now and are kicking with all your might to keep your head above water.

Marketing is the first thing to get cut from a small business’s budget. Either its too expensive, challenging to understand, or you get the wrong information that simply scares you away from doing anything at all.

Since my first job in high school, I always wanted to find a way to help small business owners with their marketing work. Specifically, doing it all at a price that matched the budget small businesses usually have (next to nothing!). For 20 years, I spent time cultivating my knowledge in the industry. I went to college and earned a marketing degree, spent some time in corporate marketing, and ultimately found my way through a few small businesses in various industries (usually 20 employees or less). I even launched a food blog a few years ago for fun!

I genuinely want to help my community (and beyond!) understand marketing and use the best means possible to find success in it. I am not one of these fancy marketing firms that will show you these overwhelmingly, and likely unaffordable, fancy photos and designs that don’t even fit your business model. I will be providing you with actual information in the form of content, workshops, and downloadable programs you can use right away to help. Beyond that, we can create a plan for your marketing goals and find success with the tactics we choose together. And, yes, you can afford me!

Just like in your business, pick and choose the options that will work for you, your business, and your budget.

Start with the blog and read up on the info you can use right now to get you started. And if you need more, get in touch! You don’t have to be in the dark any more! Stop worrying and start marketing your small business!

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